You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup; you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle; you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot… Be water, my friend. – Bruce Lee



From event management to transportation, Liquid is a single-source provider for seamlessly integrating all event and tour activation needs.


As a single point of contact for all of your activation needs, we’ll save you time and allow you to better allocate your in-house resources.

Peace of Mind

Our years of experience on the road and on-site will give you the confidence that your programs will be activated as you intended.
When Liquid is hired for a program, we assist our agency client in anticipating every possible scenario that could be encountered in the field. Sometimes overlooking the smallest, most insignificant-seeming detail can come back to become a big issue further down the line. Since we’ve been managing experiential programs collectively for decades, it’s natural for us to constantly analyze the execution of each new project through the lens of our past experiences.


Our creative process is ongoing. Even up until the final days of a tour or program, we are constantly working to improve upon things. So, whether a 2-day event or 12-week tour, we’re strategizing to make improvements and streamline as much as humanly possible. Work smarter, not harder.


We conquer ups and downs on the road daily. Blown tires, illness and injury, logistical nightmares and the tightest drive schedule possible to get to the next event – you name it, we’ve beat it. Our clients have put some tall requests on our plate over the years. Liquid has a unique talent for finding solutions to challenges that many other tour managers would brush off as just not being possible. We’re proud to say that we can really make anything happen.