Your clients ask for the impossible. We make it possible.

We pride ourselves in finding elegant solutions to seemingly insurmountable tasks. In addition to being expert activators of events and tours, Liquid’s principals are also seasoned brand builders. We understand that successful consumer interactions are only as good as the teams who are executing in the field. Therefore, Liquid activates each and every program with a laser-like focus on realizing the quantitative and qualitative marketing objectives expected by our agency partners and their brand clients. To learn more about Liquid’s principals, please select a name below.

<a href=''>Jen Longawa Lauria</a>
Jen Longawa LauriaVice-President
<a href=''>Chad Sommer</a>
Chad SommerAccount Services
<a href=''>Mike Fritz</a>
Mike FritzProduction Specialist
<a href=''>Tramaine Peterson</a>
Tramaine PetersonTour and Production Manager
<a href=''>Miriam Smith</a>
Miriam SmithTour and Production Manager
<a href=''>Kaleb Lindsey</a>
Kaleb LindseyTour and Production Manager