Kaleb Lindsey, Event, Tour and Production Manager – Growing up on a Christmas tree farm in the country, Kaleb learned the value of delivering a strong and dependable service with a great attitude. He began the start to his face-to-face career as a grassroots canvasser for Clean Water Action and other nonprofits, equating that time of his life as a “boot camp” for sales and direct marketing. The essential communication and persuasion skills he developed as a successful canvasser have carried over to everything he has done professionally since. In 2010, Kaleb pivoted to the world of experiential marketing, and over the past few years has managed tours and experiential programs across the country for Pepsi, Campbell’s, Dole, Werther’s, and Quizno’s among others. Kaleb is a gifted natural speaker and expert communicator, focuses on self-improvement, and has unwavering energy.