Your source for essential experiential marketing services and solutions.

We provide an integrated toolbox of services with the complete understanding of how each element can be essential to your agency’s success in bringing brand experience to life. We offer value to our clients through three key areas:

Single Source Provider – As a single source provider, Liquid maintains complete quality control over all the moving parts necessary to successfully activate a tour or experiential program. By integrating services, clients receive cost-effective, full-service packages with a level of convenience and peace of mind that can only be achieved through a single point of contact.

Chicago Location – Chicago is a national transportation hub. Routing mobile marketing tours from Chicago has strategic and financial advantages as trucks and trailers can usually arrive in most markets within 1-3 days upon leaving the city.

Adaptability – Adaptability and flexibility are keys to success, and these traits come naturally for Liquid. As a small company, Liquid has the advantage of being lean, nimble, and efficient, allowing us to easily adapt to our clients’ needs. Our tightly integrated team has decades of experience mastering challenges out in the field. Whether in the planning phases of a program or meeting additional needs mid-tour, Liquid will find cost-effective, innovative solutions that are tailored to each project.

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